Review: “The Most Unlikely Lady” by Barbara Devlin

“The Most Unlikely Lady” by Barbara Devlin

Available from: Amazon
Released on: 16 November 2013

Description: Book Three in the Brethren of the Coast Series.

Woo a young lady with a fishing rod and a bucket of worms? Oh-so dashing–but untitled–Everett Markham seeks a bride, and he has charged the field of Miss Sabrina Douglas, a woman who prefers trout to truffles. But, sometimes, even when both hearts are engaged, happily ever after isn’t so smooth a journey.

Unabashed and unapologetic, Sabrina sets her cap for a second son, one who will smile patiently when he comes home to find she’s misplaced their children. But marriage changes her in ways she could never have imagined, as the awkward debutante surrenders to a very real, very womanly, all-consuming love.

An irresistibly handsome English rogue, Everett plots his future with ruthless detail, but his future wife is anything but predictable, resulting in the zaniest courtship London society has ever seen. When a family tragedy upends his life, on his wedding day, no less, he must chart a slippery course with his most unlikely lady–as the new Earl and Countess of Woverton.

Review: Well, it’s book number three and I’m still totally fangirling it up.

“The Most Unlikely Lady” is more much light of heart than “My Lady, The Spy” but that totally makes sense. (It’s like Star Trek IV being a romp after the life, death, life of II and III. Yes, I’m a trekkie, live with it.) The book of course has its serious side, but not nearly as dark as book two got. Each book has suited the hero and heroine it featured very nicely.

Devlin’s ability to write amusing scenarios and scenes, and remarkably witty and oft hysterical dialog, remains unparalleled in my eyes. And the “buddy” scenes with past characters, background characters and soon-to-be-featured characters are just great. I love them.

Sabrina is quite the spitfire in this book, and the ups and downs she goes through trying to find her way will get you right in the gut. As well as our dear hero’s struggle to get things “right” and often making the wrong choices in that attempt. You’re definitely rooting for them as the characters who were always just left of the rest of the crowd, in many ways, find their way together.

Our intrepid author has a wonderful way with strong yet vulnerable female characters and the strong yet vulnerable male characters who catch but do not try to tame them. (I’m fond of that, personally.) It’s real men who fall in love with real woman, and they want each other to stay just how they are. To be their true selves, together, in all their glories and flaws.

Which is what true love is about.

Of the three, this book did have a few moments that treaded closer to the contrivances that can annoy me in other romances, but never toed the line and certainly never went over. And sometimes those scenes are realistic, so I could roll with it. The new wife versus mother-in-law went on a bit long (to me) but again, not so bad as to pull me out. No eye rolling took place, so we’re good. Did make the post-highwaymen scene particularly wonderful, though.

I will note there’s less of the seafaring to this one than the previous two, but that’s okay. It’s still in the same circle of people, and we love the people.

The scene with the boys talking about fishing and the worms? Thank god I wasn’t drinking anything… And the scene with Elizabeth, Cecilia and Sabrina had me giggling like crazy. Oh, and there was a line about something that looked like an angry pirate, which I actually texted the quote to my husband because it amused me so much.

This is another winner from Barbara Devlin and another enthusiastic, I-need-a-I-Heart-Brotherhood-of-the-Coast T-shirt, fangirl 5 Fireballs for me. As soon as I hit post, I’m going to email the author and find out about the next book…

5 Fireballs

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