Review: “A Study in Temperance” by Ichabod Temperance


A Study in Temperance Cover Art

“A Study in Temperance” (Ichabod Temperance #4) by Ichabod Temperance

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Released on: 22 May 2014

Description: “‘Twas the hand of fate that brought Miss Plumtartt and me together, for, in truth, we have been happenstance-stricken and adventure prone ever since.” -Ichabod Temperance, For the Love of Temperance

Such is the case once again as Ichabod Temperance and his lady love, Miss Persephone Plumtartt, are hurled into adventure and mystery. This time, they return to Persephone’s ancestral estate in England, where they hope to enjoy a much-needed vacation. However, fate has other plans for the young couple, as a series of murders close in upon the innocent pair. A notorious Victorian Era London detective assists the plucky protagonists through a tangled web of intrigue involving an incredible cast of suspicious characters.

Review: Oh, my dear Mr. Temperance, what another frolicking romp you have taken me on!

This is the fourth book in the Temperance series, and it was a fun little scamper through steampunk action-adventure. Our author continues to amuse with funny little pop culture in-jokes (that you don’t need to get to like the story) and that “this isn’t really PC but it works” edge to many things. Ichabod and Persephone maintain their status as Adorable.

We also make a new friend in this one, quite the ‘great detective’ and it’s a fun addition, but I like how the name is never truly used.

My only real complaint about this one is that is seemed to employ a lot more phonetic accents–spelling out the accent instead of just saying the character had one. It was hard enough to follow in several pieces of dialog, but the exposition written in it could make it tough to follow on the over-all. Plus, a lot of names. (Though the priest was a nice touch.)

Even so, you could follow along and enjoy the story, but I personally would have liked to see a bit less of it. It did hamper my enjoyment a little and I worry I missed things, so this one gets a 4.5 this time around. But I just saw that there is already a fifth book and I’m looking forward to it!

4.5 Fireballs

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