Review: “Incorporated Evil” by Peter Widdows

“Incorporated Evil” by Peter Widdows

Available from: Amazon
Released on: 16 July 2014
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Description: What secrets lie behind the world’s largest company?

Charles Barker-Willet is the brilliant CEO of BW Corporation, but what is he hiding?

Sean McManus, a business journalist for a London newspaper, is impressed by the modesty of BW’s CEO. Especially as the results of the company are astounding. But why is he so media shy? What does he have to hide?

In his search for answers, Sean will encounter some of the vilest of human acts and also some of the bravest of human endeavour.

Incorporated Evil will take you on a roller coaster ride from the glittering hotels and restaurants of London’s West End, to the seedy streets of Bangkok and from the historic suburbs of Melbourne to the modern sky scrapers of Hong Kong. As Sean McManus tries to unravel the complicated web of deceit behind BW Corporation.

Review: By the end of this book, it kind of felt like the moral was Good Money versus Bad Money.

I say that because both our bad guys and good guys have plenty of money to work against the other. We see what Evil does with the money, and then what Good does with it to fight against it. But the balance of power is where the differences and the tension lies. Sort of like a money-fueled chess match.

This story starts out fast and does keep rolling right along. I found our main characters, Sean and Liz, a little flat at the start. Kind of like static characters created from a template and inserted into a story, yet as the story moves along, they both grow into three dimensions, likable and relatable. (Although I’ll admit that Clive and his boys were probably my favorites, and Praew was great too.)

Sean and Liz fall in together a bit fast and I would have liked to have seen more of that before the he and she became a they, but their relationship shows through well the more the story goes. Like a separate character that matures in dimensions as they do.

It was a very easy read, though sometimes the names and places could take some work to keep up with, and I do have an affinity for people trying to do Right, even if they’re a little naieve about it at times. I also appreciated how Widdows handled certain types of crimes, with the horror and disgust that is due to them. That always wins points with me.

This is the first book from the author, and I will admit that it does read that way in several places, but it’s still an engaging thriller of a read and I think the author shows a lot of promise for future stories. I’ll admit that I’ve wrestled with what to rate this, but I’m falling on the side of positivity because I did enjoy it and particularly for fans of corporate thrillers, I think this will be an good tale. 4 Fireballs.

4 Fireballs

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