Review: “One-Knight Stand” by Barbara Devlin


One-Knight Stand Cover Art

“One-Knight Stand” (Brothren of the Coast #4) by Barbara Devlin

Available from: Amazon
Released on: 27 May 2014

Description: Do old friends truly make the best lovers?

When Cara Felicity Douglas, known throughout the ton as Miss Perfect, sets her cap for childhood chum and Nautionnier Knight Lance Prescott, she enlists the aid of the Brethren women to chart a course for the altar. But her plans go awry, when her prospective bridegroom refuses to cooperate, and the hunter becomes the hunted. Soon Cara is forced to choose between staunch obedience of societal expectations, or throw caution to the wind and take a chance on love, as the young lady finds herself entangled in the trap she set for her knight.

After an injury at sea leaves Lance bedridden, and his rival captains Lance’s ship, he drowns in a dangerous mix of anger, frustration, and jealousy. Harboring more than physical wounds, a past tragedy haunts his present and future. When Cara proclaims him the man of her dreams, Lance vows, “I will never be your husband.” But Miss Perfect will not be deterred and acts completely out of character, making him an offer he dare not refuse, if only he can win her heart. For two people so alike in every way, what could possibly go wrong? In a word: Everything.

Review: I will admit that this wasn’t my favorite Brethren of the Coast novel, but I’m still gonna fangirl it up because I am now convinced that Barbara Devlin’s “worst” is better than most author’s best.

While the last book found us with the younger Douglas sister, now we see the older (Cara) get her chance at love. I liked how we jumped right into things with a rather exciting storm-at-sea scene, as the sea captain stuff is one of the reasons I love this series, and Cara is a very enjoyable character. For me, Lance took a little longer to not feel a touch flat in places, but since he had such dramatic developments at points, that may just have been a “in comparison to” for the less dramatic moments.

Aside from that, the reason this one wasn’t quite at the top was because the “happy war” (because romance is always war at first for these boys and girls) felt a little meaner at points, at least once Alexa and Jason were in the game. Although I liked Jason Collingwood. He was an amusing character in the fray.

That aside, I loved seeing more of Rebecca because she’s still my favorite. I always love Devlin’s women, though I love her men too, so it was great to revisit the other characters in The Family. Cara’s ending (the epilogue) was just wonderful for her, and the birthday party? I laughed out loud a couple times. Like, seriously. I don’t do that very often.

So, yeah, Barbara Devlin still rocks it. I’m still fangirl. I want my t-shirt. ;D

And I just looked at Amazon and saw that the fifth book comes out just two days before my birthday, so…thank you Barbara for a lovely birthday present! I’m looking forward to seeing what happens between Alexa and Jason, although I think I can’t wait most to see what romance is spun for Elaine…

Anyways! 5 Fireballs. If you like historical romance, read these books!

Five Fireballs

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