Review: “Wizard of Ends, Book Two ‘Dark Creature'” by Vanessa Finaughty

“Wizard of Ends, Book Two ‘Dark Creature'” by Vanessa Finaughty

To Be Released on: 23 October 2014
You can pre-order this book at: Barnes & Noble or iBooks
(P.S. The author has informed me that if she gets 2000 pre-orders, she will dye her hair blue.)
I received this ARC free in exchange for an honest review.

Description: Escorted by soldiers of Ends, Lashlor sets out to find an old flame, Rune Arcana, the only person who can help to remove the curse placed on the Queen of Ends. Lashlor believes that Rune currently resides in the Mountains of Eclador – a place from which no one has returned in all of recorded history. She could refuse his request. She could be dead. Lashlor and his companions could meet the same fate.

If they do not brave the mountains, however, Queen Narraki will remain in the form of a rabid creature of darkness… forever.

Forever is a long time, and King Lanaran fears the Wizard of Ends will not return. Ignoring Lashlor’s advice not to meddle with the curse, the king employs other magic users to attempt to undo the dark magic.

Review: Do you remember how I said that if the last one had been paced better, I would have given it a five instead of a four?

Well, I’m happy to report that this second installment was paced much better. Although it was still fast-paced and kept rolling along, it didn’t have so many Really Big Things happening so very close together. The progression was smoother, and made more sense.

Lashlor was much more consistently active as a character, and I was thoroughly amused by our new addition of Rune Arcana. The story was exciting, engaging, and very funny. Three things I like in a story.

I actually don’t have much to say, except…when is book three coming out?

As promised, 5 Fireballs! If you like fun, fast-paced, funny fantasy (and alliteration), I would recommend the Wizard of Ends.

5 Fireballs

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  1. Thanks for the great review! I’m so glad you enjoyed this one more :)

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