Review: “The Only City Left” by Andy Goldman

“The Only City Left” by Andy Goldman

Available from: Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Released on: 17 July 2014
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Description: Eighteen-year-old Allin Arcady only wants one thing: to reach the Roof of the World and see the Sun for the first time in his life. The problem is, he’s lost in the depths of the ruined planet-city called Earth, fleeing the horrors of his past.

When his past catches up to him, Allin is thrust into a science fantasy adventure in which he meets a race of genetically-modified cats, tangles with vengeful werewolves, and parlays with cyborgs. Along the way, Allin is forced to decide: will he spend his whole life running or take a stand against the forces that want to finish off the Earth once and for all?

Review: This book was a lot of fun, really. Thanks to a bout of insomnia, I was able to read it in one night. It had a great active reading flow to it, starting quite actively at the beginning and rolling through the narrative with one event after another. There are some points where these events feel a bit rushed, bouncing too fast from one to another, but never so much to pull you out of the story.

There were some paranormal and fantasy tropes that aren’t uncommon, but felt new in how our author presented them. Namely: the apocalyptic setting, werewolves, and talking cats.

At the end, I read how this book was originally a serial and you can kind of see that as you go, but it works. Our narrator was engaging. You enjoy watching his transformation. He is flawed and might drive you a little crazy at times, but it makes the character a three-dimensional human and never so much that you don’t care what happens to him.

Since it says “Book One” right on the cover, you know there will be more, and there are some threads left not wrapped up so they can return for these future installments. I’m curious what will come next. It missed some element to really give me that rave factor, but it came pretty damn close: 4.5 Fireballs.

4.5 Fireballs

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