Please be aware that my To Be Read/Reviewed pile is, well, huge. My time-till-review time is into months right now. So, I’m being very selective about what I accept. I won’t say I’m shut down to all reviews, but I’m highly unlikely to accept a new book so please do not be offended if I say no. I’m just swamped.

First? The legal stuff!

Disclosure: I DO NOT receive money for these reviews. I either have purchased these books myself, received them free from the author in exchange for an honest review, or received them via a blog tour company in exchange for an honest review and posting.

Whew. Okay, that out of the way.

What Will I Review?

Almost anything, quite honestly. The main thing is that they have to be self-published, although small press is okay too. I primarily review ebooks, but if you qualify by publisher size and want to send me a print, that’s awesome. I love digital books. I love being green. But there is still nothing like holding a paper book in your hands. But for genre, I’ll read sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, mystery, suspense/thriller, horror, romance, erotica, etc.,

Things I Especially Like: Epic fantasy that doesn’t sound like a Tolkien knock-off.¬†Anything with Norse mythos that is more than a passing reference to Thor. “Out of the box” romances. Giant animals eating people! (Think Jaws or Crichton or cheesy movies on Syfy.)

Things I Don’t Especially Like: Romances with the standard Triangle Trope (our hero/heroine loves two, we are made to really like both contenders, but they just choose one at the end and send the other packing). Alcoholic characters can be a little iffy, but I won’t turn it down outright if I like the rest of the premise.¬†Sexual violence that seems (to me) to be gratuitous and/or is treated unrealistically will lower my opinion of a story and gain a lower rating. So be warned.

My Crazy

Okay, some books that may pose a problem due to no fault on the book itself: I struggle with some post-apocalyptic stuff and bad things happening to kids, unless the author can assure me its necessary to the story and/or happens “off screen” as back story/not graphic and/or the kid turns out okay. The aforementioned sexual violence can be an issue, depending on how it’s treated in the story.

I prefer general adult books, and erotica is fine. I will read Young Adult, but I’ll say that I usually struggle with teenage female main characters and want to slap them. I try hard to be fair, but this may show through.

My DNF Rate

This needs to be stated very clearly: I’m afraid I have a high DNF (Did Not Finish) rate. I try to read every book through to the end, but if I find something objectionable in it/something that offends me, or I just find not connection to the book at all (not every book is meant for every reader), I won’t finish. To force myself will mean a lower rating/review, which may not be the fault of the book but just that it’s not for me. I don’t like to do that. Also, my time/energy to read is VERY RESTRAINED and I just can’t spend it on a book I’m not enjoying.

If I accepted your book for review and cannot finish, I WILL let you know and with my apologies. I won’t review a book that I have not finished.

What Formats Work for Me?

I read my review books primarily on my Nook, so I would prefer an ePub though I’ll take PDF. If you only have MOBI, if I can convert it, then that’s fine. (Or if it will cooperate with the Kindle reader app on my Nook, that’s cool too.)

What I Can Promise You

I can promise two things with every review: 1. I will endeavor to point out any good points I see, even if I end up writing an ultimately negative review. 2. I’ll be honest, but as diplomatic and kind as I can be. And even if I don’t end up liking the book, the review will always be about the book. I will never go after the author. I will never get personal.

Further, I can promise that I will reply to every review request I get, if to do nothing else than acknowledge receipt of your email.

I can’t promise a quick turnaround on things, but I’ll do the best I can.

All reviews are posted on this blog, GoodReads, and Amazon. If you want it posted somewhere else, request it and I’ll do what I can. On GoodReads, you’ll see the reviews from the account of my Author Ego, Mia Darien.

Parting Shots…

Now, a lot of review blogs don’t want to review self-published authors anymore because some of us have reacted badly to negative reviews. As someone who strives to handle negativity with grace, this annoys me and I won’t tolerate it here.

I will not let anyone “preview” a review of their book or have any say in whether I post it. If I want to post it, I’ll post it. If you decide you don’t like what I say, keep it to yourself. If someone sends me a nasty email about a review, you run the risk of my posting it here. I don’t want to be a bitch, but I also don’t want to be trashed for having an opinion either. You have been warned.

Secondly, a lot of reviewers will not publish a review if it’s less than three stars, only wanting to put their positive reviews out there. That’s fine. I get that and respect it. I don’t want to seem “mean” either, but the reason why I will publish even a low rated review is this: I think anyone thinking about reading the book has a right to know what others think before diving in. It’s kind of the point. Also, since I review primarily self-published authors, I want to help the authors.

We authors sometimes need the negative feedback to understand where we’re going awry and how to fix it. If I had gotten the book as a beta reader and could do it privately, I would, but if it’s out there for others to read, it’s my right to give others a “heads up” about it while offering the author some advice at the same time.

So, if you can’t handle a potentially negative review, don’t email me. Or, if I purchased your book on my own and didn’t review it great, don’t email me about it. I spent the time and/or money to get your book, and time to read it and write about it. It’s a free country and I’m allowed to have an opinion. So don’t even try to talk down to me about it.

Fire mages are known for exploding, after all. ;-)

How to Contact Me

If you would like me to review your book, PLEASE email me. Don’t comment on this page, since I don’t approve comments on the pages. If I see one, I’ll contact you by email and ask you to send me the information again. So it’s easier to just email me.

Bella — boom.baby83 (at)

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