reviewbellaHello, I’m Bella! If you’re wondering why this blog is called Boom Baby Reviews, here’s a little about myself…

I started playing the MMORPG World of Warcraft back in 2005. My husband got me hooked. I’ve been playing on and off since then, but my main character is the same one I started with. She’s a fire mage, which means she makes things explode. (I actually play frost now because the DPS is better, but I’m always a flame baby at heart.)

Fire mages make things go…boom.

When the first expansion came out, my spell power increased with new levels and new gear and so forth. Being the dork that I am, every time I got a good spell hit, I would either say: “BOOM, baby!” or “I gots more boom!” and so, Boom Baby was born.

Otherwise, all you need to know about me… I’ve been reading since I was three and writing since I was fourteen. I am a stay-at-home wife and mother, and a writer. (My Author Ego, as opposed to Alter Ego, is Mia Darien. I am a self-published author.)

As I waded deeper into the world of self-publishing, I decided I wanted to support my new community, so I started purchasing self-published ebooks and writing what I felt were thoughtful reviews. I posted them (as applicable) to Smashwords and now on GoodReads.

Well, I thought why not put it to a concise blog as well? And expand! Instead of just writing reviews for books I grabbed on my own, people could suggest or send me stuff. And because so many blogs out there seem to say NO! to self-published books, I decided to focus on them.

This blog is done under my Alter Ego Bella (there are many voices in my head) and I decided that a fire themed book blog would be fun, because that totally makes sense… right? (It does to me. Go with it.)

So, take a look around, and enjoy your stay. Check out other pages for review information, and check in for reviews and more fun stuff for the site! You can check out my About Reviews page for how to get in touch with me.┬áIf you’re not afraid I’ll light ya’ on fire…

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  1. S.S.Segran says:

    Hello Bella,

    Thank you for sharing the post on Aegis Rising and your support for the indie writer community. I hope your readers who decide pick up the novel will enjoy the read. Book Two, Aegis Incursion is scheduled for a Nov/Dec release this year. I would like to invite your readers to visit to check out the progress.

    Once again, thank you for your awesome support :)


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