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Diana L. Wicker is Visiting! [Tour Stop]

Tales from Feyron

“The Dreamweaver’s Return” by Diana L. Wicker

Published on… 2 November 2012
Published as… Young Adult Fantasy, Coming of Age

“The Guardian Child’s Return” by Diana L. Wicker

Published on… 10 May 2013

“The Legacy of Mist and Shadow” by Diana L. Wicker

Published on… 20 December 2014

Diana L. Wicker’s Quote Art

Feyron Quote Art 1


Feyron Quote Art 2

About the Book

The Dreamweaver’s Return

The Realm of Feyron has always been. It is the origin of all things magical, the axis point where all the worlds meet. Once, in days gone by, there were many gateways within the Temple of Pyli connecting the Worlds Beyond seeded with magic to their home. Now many gateways have flickered out, and Feyron weakens as the magic fades and the Guardians are lost.

For the first time in over three hundred years a Dreamweaver has come of age and is tasked with contacting the Guardians. When she awakens in the night after a vision of her best friend lost and alone, injured in the snows at the top of the Crystal Mountains, she seeks out the Sacred Fire in the Temple in an attempt to call forth more information. A voice calls out from the fire, “Dreamweaver, you are summoned.” An image appears of an ancient path through the Mist Shrouded Forest leading to a hidden gate into the Crystal Caverns below the mountains. The Guardians have summoned her on a quest that will take her to the four realms of light within Feyron in search of answers and aid.

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The Guardian Child’s Return

The Guardians have awakened after the Time of Sleep and returned to renew the magic with the clans of Faie. At the request of the Guardian, Lord Grypos, Keeper of Knowledge, the Master Scholar travels through the Outer Gateway with craftsmen and apprentices to coordinate the repairs of the once great oasis that houses the ancient archives of knowledge known as the Island in the Sands.

As the summer wanes and the oasis begins to return to its former glory, the Guardian calls the Master Scholar to the meditation room in the wee hours of the night to discuss a journey. In the fire an image flickers of the red desert sands speeding past, a land of grey beyond the desert, and a cavern of twilight behind an obsidian wall. “Arwyn and Shyamal are to go there for me to seek out that which was once mine.”

What starts as a seemingly simple journey becomes an adventure with life threatening consequences as the two are unexpectedly joined by their friends on a journey far from home beyond the Realms of Light in a realm that few within the clans of Faie knew could even be reached.

Buy the Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks or Kobo

The Legacy of Mist and Shadow

Old relics and have stories of their own. Sometimes they contain adventures waiting to be sparked and journeys bursting to begin.

The Box of Melodies was left with Clan Caris by Lady Oyisha, daughter of the mists, for care and keeping. A series of visions revealing the last desperate moments of a forgotten clan – the loss of their gateway to Feyron and the escape of a lone traveler holding the box – spurs a handful of adventuresome youth on a trek through the Lesser Forest where they inadvertently cause a ripple through the mists with unintended consequences.

A few of the youth find themselves on an unexpected journey to a World Beyond, lost in mist and shadow, where misunderstanding and suspicion lead to danger and darkness. Forgotten histories are discovered, clan secrets are revealed, and old alliances are remembered as the families of the lost seek to discover where the youth have been drawn by the memories within the Mists of Time.

Buy the Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iBooks or Kobo

About the Author

Diana L. Wicker Author Photo
Diana lives in the balmy climate of the US south with her husband, two children, two dogs, two cats, and a cantakerous rabbit. She enjoys reading, sewing (clothing, costuming, and experimental toy making), and RPG games. (She grew up with the old school paper/pencil style of gaming, but has transitioned happily to the highly interactive world of video games.)

The idea for Feyron started with a map, a place for her daughter to tell stories and live out storytelling role playing adventures with her friends. The lore grew around the map, for every world needs lore if you are going to “live” there. The idea for a series, Tales from Feyron, grew out of the lore, for if you’re going to invent a world, you may as well play there too. The stories are continuing to grow through the various historical ages of Feyron and may yet “ripple” outwards to the Worlds Beyond touched by magic.

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Suzanne Lilly is Visiting! [Book Blast]

Gold Rush Deluge

“Gold Rush Deluge” (The California Argonauts #2) by Suzanne Lilly

Published on… August 23, 2014
Published as… Historical Romance

About the Book

When Lucinda Martin York and George Arnold leave Diggers Flat during a rainstorm, the Sacramento and American rivers crest, causing a deluge of epic proportions that engulfs the town of Sacramento. While Lucinda uses her medical skills to help save the citizens, George proposes a plan to stop the floodwaters and save the town.

Lucinda holds fast to her dream of becoming a doctor and apprentices to Dr. Mitchell Kersey. She falls under his spell, and too late she realizes Kersey has a dark and murderous past that has followed him to California. The danger she finds herself enmeshed in may end her dreams before they have even begun.

Based on historical events of 1850 Sacramento, Gold Rush Deluge is riveting and romantic.

Buy the Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, Kobo, or Smashwords

About the Author

Suzanne Lilly Author Photo
Suzanne Lilly is a teacher and a writer who occasionally takes time off to zipline in Alaska, teach in China, and traipse around Rome. She writes sweet stories with a splash of suspense, a flash of the unexplained, a dash of romance, and always a happy ending.

Sign up for her email newsletter to find out about upcoming books before anyone else. You’ll also get exclusive bonus materials and contests just for subscribers. One subscriber is chosen to win a $25 gift card each time the newsletter comes out.

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Yvonne Walus is Visiting! [Book Blast]

Operation: Genocide

“Operation: Genocide” by Yvonne Walus

Published on… September 2013
Published as… Thriller/Murder Mystery

About the Book

An inhuman agenda…

In 1982, Annette Pretorius lives a life of privilege afforded to those of European descent in South Africa, but when her husband is murdered, she discovers a shattering secret: he’d been commissioned by the whites-only South African government to develop a lethal virus aimed at controlling the growth of the black population–already oppressed under the cruel system of apartheid.

A clandestine organization…

The murder came with a warning to Annette from a secretive organization: keep our secrets or you too will die. Captain Trevor Watson, Annette’s former boyfriend, is appointed to lead the investigation. Watson’s loyalty is tested as the evidence stacks against his high school sweetheart.

And the killing isn’t over yet…

When the investigation points in a terrifying direction, Annette and Watson face a wrenching choice: protect those they love or sacrifice all to save innocents from racial extermination.

Buy the Book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

About the Author

Yvonne Walus Author Photo
A refugee from communism and the bitter cold of Poland, I lived in South Africa for 16 years. It’s certainly not a trendy setting for a novel, and I know people on either sides of the political spectrum will find OPERATION: GENOCIDE controversial. By trying to portray what South Africa was like at the height of its apartheid era, by inspecting both sides of the coin, I’m sure I’ve managed to offend all parties.

Still, I’m not sorry. South Africa means a lot of things to a lot of people: lions in long yellow grass, diamond mines, apartheid, Nelson Mandela, rugby. All of those images are right, yet none of them – in my opinion – are representative of the misunderstood country or its people. None of them describe what it’s like to live in South Africa, both in the 1980s and today.

I’d like my readers to smell the red dust of the continent and to fall in love with Africa the way I did when I first set foot there as an impressionable teenager. I left my heart in Africa, and I invite you to do the same.

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Eden Baylee is Visiting! [Book Blast]

Stranger at Sunset

“Stranger at Sunset” by Eden Baylee

Published on… 30 June 2014
Published as… Psychological Mystery/Thriller

Eden Baylee’s Quote Art

Eden Baylee's Quote Art

About the Book

A vacation can be a killer.

Dr. Kate Hampton, a respected psychiatrist, gathers with a group of strangers at her favorite travel spot, Sunset Villa in Jamaica. Included in the mix are friends of the owners, a businessman with dubious credentials, and a couple who won the trip from a TV game show.

It is January 2013, following the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. The luxury resort is struggling, not from the storm, but due to a scathing review from caustic travel writer, Matthew Kane. The owners have invited him back with hopes he will pen a more favorable review to restore their reputation.

Even though she is haunted by her own demons, Kate feels compelled to help. She sets out to discover the motivation behind Kane’s vitriol. Used to getting what he wants, has the reviewer met his match in Kate? Or has she met hers?

Stranger at Sunset is a slow-burning mystery/thriller as seen through the eyes of different narrators, each with their own murky sense of justice. As Kate’s own psychological past begins to unravel, a mysterious stranger at Sunset may be the only one who can save her.

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

Eden Baylee Author Photo
Eden Baylee left a twenty-year banking career to become a full-time writer. She incorporates many of her favorite things into her writing such as: travel; humor; music; poetry; art; and much more.

Stranger at Sunset is her first mystery novel, on the heels of several books of erotic anthologies and short stories. She writes in multiple genres.

An introvert by nature and an extrovert by design, Eden is most comfortable at home with her laptop surrounded by books. She is an online Scrabble junkie and a social media enthusiast, but she really needs to get out more often!

To stay apprised of Eden’s book-related news, please add your name to her mailing list.

~* Website * Facebook * Twitter * Pinterest * Goodreads *~

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Rob Manary is Visiting! [Book Blast]

Strangers on a Bus

“Strangers on a Bus” by Rob Manary

Published on… 29 March 2011
Published as… Romantic Comedy/Memoirs

Rob Manary’s Excerpt

The moon chose that moment to emerge from the clouds and illuminate an angel surely sent from God to save this book. Nay, an angel never looked as beatific as the radiant vision making her way down the aisle towards me.

An angel is an unfair comparison. An angel would weep, for no angel could steal breath the way this woman stole mine. And angels don’t have breasts nearly as nice. I don’t think there are silicon artists in heaven.

What the hell was that!?!

That was edit #2.

I had to give up my vacant seat to a character I’ll refer to, for now, as “girl.”

We haven’t settled on a name for “girl” yet, and my original intro for “girl” was:

Okay, so I saw this hot girl coming down the aisle toward me. But she was right behind this buffet nightmare, a guy who got every penny he ever paid for an “all you can eat” buffet. I’m too kind to resort to fat jokes, but if he could wash every crevice that needed daily washing I would be genuinely surprised. And I bet there are parts of his anatomy that have seen neither soap nor sunlight in years.

And he was eyeing me like the last piece of pizza on the Titanic.

I make me laugh, the last slice of pizza on the Titanic? Even I don’t know what the hell that means, and I’m sure that might be the worst metaphor in the history of word putting together.

So the guy needing a serious Weight Watchers intervention was shaking the entire bus as he made his way towards me, and I couldn’t insert a digit up my nose because I was smiling coyly at the hot girl behind him in case this dream guy somehow chose not to sit next to me.

At least I hoped I was smiling coyly at “girl.” My seduction techniques are so refined sometimes my flirting leaves me looking simple, and other times completely mentally deficient.

So that’s how “girl” originally entered the story, but she demanded something better, hence the angel nonsense.

I think I’m going to call “girl” Gertrude. That’s as close to a consensus on a name we’ve come to after an exhaustive series of negotiations that went a little like this:

Gertrude: “If I’m going to be in your book, I want a great romantic heroine name.”

Me: “What’s wrong with your name? I like your name.”

Gertrude:” It’s so plain, so ordinary, I hate it. Come up with something better, something sexy.”

Me: “Okay, how about Melba?”

Gertrude: “Melba? Like Melba toast? Melba’s not a sexy name.”

Me: “I have an Aunt Melba. She’s very sexy for an eighty year old. How about Gertrude?”

Gertrude: “Gertrude’s almost as bad as Melba.”

Me: “Hey, I’ve got an Aunt Gertrude, another very sexy senior citizen.”

Gertrude: “Why would you want to name me after one of your old aunts? You’re so weird. Give me a sexy temptress name.”

Me: “I got it… you ready… it’s a good one… Florist!”

Gertrude: “Florist? Florist? How about dentist? Or plumber? Florist is a job, not a name.”

Me: “I have an Aunt Florist, but she’s not very sexy. She really kinda looks like my Dad in drag, but years ago my Dad shaved his mustache.”

So I was left with the daunting task of coming up with a secret identity for “girl”. I think she’s Gertrude.

About the Book

If you liked When Harry Met Sally, you’ll fall in love with Robb and Gertrude from Strangers on a Bus…

Robb is crushed by a failed relationship with the love of his life and finds himself unexpectedly on a long bus trip from his adopted home in the U.S. back to his native Canada.

At the first stop in NYC, a girl gets on and so begins a contemplation of life, love, and strange events that will bring tears of laughter and heartache streaming down your face.

Is this girl Robb’s real true love or just a rebound? How far can they get on a bus ride anyway?

This is a true story.

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

Robert Manary is an international playboy and man of mystery, with the charm and sophistication of James Bond shaken not stirred with a couple ounces of Cyrano de Bergerac, a dash of Rasputin, and garnished with the rapier wit of Thurston Howell the Third.

That’s how he sees himself, anyway.

The truth is Robert Manary is a construct created to protect the dubious reputation of his Clark Kent like mild mannered writer/puppeteer/the man pulling the levers and breathing life into the Great and Powerful Oz (don’t look too closely behind the curtain).

Manary is an award winning blogger, an erotic romance novel writer, the author of a pretty decent romantic comedy, and for a brief period in the early nineties served as dictator of a small South American country.

Most of that is true.

Manary is also an experimental artist who has no clue how to write an Author’s Bio, and definitely no idea how to end one.

P.S. He is also a shameless plunderer of pop culture.

~* Twitter * Facebook * Pinterest * Google+ *~

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G. Nykanen is Visiting! [Book Blast]

The Point

“The Point” by G. Nykanen

Published on… 30 May 2014
Published as… Psychological Thriller

G. Nykanen’s Excerpt

She kept Jake tucked in the back of her mind, her loneliness masked by the company she was keeping with Dane.

Two weeks had passed and the budding relationship seemed to consist of brief phone calls and intensely physical escapades, which were great. Who doesn’t like rolling around on the beach in the dark, Nora thought as she stirred milk into her Darjeeling. Her hand continued to blend, the spoon clinking slowly and methodically against the bottom of the ceramic cup. She stared blankly into the rolling eyes of the Kit-Kat clock. He makes me feel incredible when we’re together, but I feel so empty when it’s over…I need substance. She stopped stirring, realizing she’d drifted off.

“Why are you always judging me?” she snapped at the smug plastic feline, her stirring hand now jabbing the spoon in its direction.

The Kat continued to arbitrate, his tail wagging with a tsk-tsk, like the finger of a grandmother in mid-scold.

“I know, I know,” she conceded to the ticking custodian, her conscience burdened by the sins of her flesh. I need to stop being such a slut, she thought, unwilling to say that out loud (especially in front of the Kat).

“I just need to talk to him…clear this whole situation up.”

Nora set the cup in the sink and grabbed her keys. “Be back soon,” she assured Badger, who was licking crumbs from under the table. “And keep an eye on that Kat until I get back,” she ordered, with her thumb pointing in the clock’s direction.

“We’ll continue this when I get back,” she stated to the Kat with rebuke, her palm flat and moving in a circular motion, a gesture meant to clarify what this encompassed.

She was still thinking about the cold, rolling eyes of the Kit-Kat clock as she rounded the block to Dane’s house. Her mother had found that clock in one of the local shops. “Don’t you just love the curious look on his face?” she asked, like she already knew the answer. “Its like he sees and knows all.”

About the Book

Befuddled by her current relationship woes, Nora Reynolds leaves college at semester’s end to drive north of nowhere to her hometown of Iron Bay. Vulnerable and on the rebound, she is the perfect prey for fledgling felon Dane Buchman. Dane takes advantage of the unaware young woman, feeding his appetite for mischief until a rather violent shift in their relationship reveals to him what he’s really been craving. Driven by his new found hunger, Dane feels unstoppable, until former high school rival and town deputy, Doug Sanders, navigates the trail of Dane’s destruction.

The Point is a dark thriller that will allow you to witness a truly dangerous sociopath wander through madness guided by a treasured family heirloom, and a pensive young woman find her way after discovering, that which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. With echoes of the Coen brothers’ Fargo, the folksy town of Iron Bay and the nearby north-woods community of Deer Lake are the destinations for Mr. Buchman’s many misdeeds.

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

G. Nykanen Author Photo
G. Nykanen was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. This small, rural land mass seems to cultivate a wide variety of colorful characters who provide a plethora of inspiration. The Point, Nykanen’s first novel, is filled with nuances of these local characters and the landscapes one might find in the north woods.

Well traveled thanks to her husband’s government career, she has lived in Europe and many of our United States over the last twenty years. She has recently returned home, moving back to her beloved Upper Peninsula where she resides with her husband and three children.

With The Point now completed, she will continue working on her next novel, Accumulation, along with continuing to develop other stories in the works.

~* Amazon * Twitter * Facebook * Goodreads *~

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Renee Novelle is Visiting! [3 Book Blast]

Crushed, Latitudes, Dance With Me

“Crushed” by Renee Novelle

“Latitudes” by Renee Novelle

“Dance with Me” by Renee Novelle

Published on…6 June 2014
Published as…New Adult Romance

About the Books


Brooklyn has decided to stick around campus to pursue her Master’s Degree while her boyfriend chases a job opportunity in Chicago. After discovering that long distance relations rarely work out, her best friend helps her to decide that she needs to put down the daily pints of therapeutic ice cream and join their local gym.

Though resistant to the idea at first, Brooklyn relents and finds that things quickly heat up with her new personal trainer Collin. Is it just a flirtatious crush, or is there something real there? And will the blind date her best friend has also committed her to have any weight in the decision on whether or not Brooklyn will pursue her chances with Collin?

Buy the Book (Crushed) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes


Skylar had spent her entire summer after college graduation in Key West for an internship at the Aquarium. And the experience had changed her in more ways than she’d realized. Gone was the sorority princess with materialistic ideals, and she was embracing the more authentic version of herself that was emerging in its place. Now, she wasn’t sure if she really wanted to return to the life she used to live, and to the fiancé who had already proven himself unfaithful to her.

Just a few days before she’s supposed to leave, Skylar meets Cooper – and the shy, rugged, gentle man is everything she never knew she needed. There’s no denying the connection between them, but is he enough of a reason for her stay? Can she be strong enough to give up the life she no longer wants to take a chance on the possibility of something better? Skylar discovers if she can give herself the latitude she needs to change her life, or if she’ll fall back into the rut of a predictable existence.

Buy the Book (Latitudes) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes

Dance with Me

By the time she’d graduated high school, Addison had found who she thought was the perfect boyfriend, and was excited about the prospects of a promising dance career for them both in New York City. The world was at her fingertips. But when Preston disappeared without explanation the night before they were supposed to move together, her illusion of the perfect life was shattered to pieces.

Putting the past behind her, she pursued her path alone and built the career she’d always dreamt of. But no one had been able to fill the gap that Preston had left behind. No one, that is, except Preston himself.

Addison finds herself wrestling with conflicting emotions when Preston joins the company she dances for now. And when she discovers that he’s been cast as her partner, she’s afraid that the resentment she’s held against him might be too much. Will she be able to forgive him in time to save her career? And can they reconcile enough for a second chance together?

Buy the Book (Dance with Me) at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes

About the Author

Renee Novelle Author Photo
Formerly a freelance journalist, Novelle has found placement of her pieces in both online and print publications since 2008. Additionally, she has written multiple screenplays, and contributed her writing to many non-profit and for profit organizations. She has launched several blogs over the years, which garnered international attention.

In 2013, Novelle returned to her first love – fiction. Writing under the names Renee Novelle and R.S. Novelle, she has a publication schedule that includes Psychological Thrillers, Suspense, Paranormal Fiction, Contemporary Women’s fiction, Chick Lit, and New Adult.

Though she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, summa cum laude, she considers herself a constant student of the written word. She’s an avid reader, an enthusiastic quote poster, and rarely takes “no” as a final answer. She has an unhealthy obsession for theater, dance, music and art, and strongly believes that wine is simultaneously the beginning of, and resolution to, all of life’s problems. She believes in following dreams, and that in the end, you always end up where you’re meant to be.

~* Website * Twitter * Facebook * Goodreads * Pinterest * Instagram *~

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The “Love, Honor & Hope” Anthology is Visiting! [Book Blast]

Love, Honor, & Hope

“Love, Honor, & Hope” by Various Author

Published on… 24 June 2014
Published as… Romance

About the Stories

Jennifer Theriot, Out of the Box Awakening
Swept from her perfect paper-doll life in Houston, Olivia finds herself in Chicago, alone, betrayed, and far from home. Ash is the man who has everything—everything except healing from the losses of a lifetime. What happens when the married woman and the sexy handsome widower are thrown together by fate?

Aubree Lane, Early One Morning
Stuck in San Diego, dealing with unreasonable clients and babysitting Marissa’s kids, a jealous Annie Harper catches the red-eye out of LAX wanting to intercept Terence and foil her best friend’s plans. This envious act uncovers a scandalous affair, and in that one pivotal moment, none of their lives would ever be the same.

Jennifer Yarbrough, Lost and Found
A tragic accident changes Olivia Porter’s life in ways no woman should experience. With the help of a friend she tries to pick up the pieces and suddenly Cash Kingston appears giving her one more chance at happiness…will she take the chance or keep hiding from pain?

Diane Rinella, Scary Modsters
While under the influence of insomnia-impaired judgment, Rosalyn summons Rock ‘n Roll deity Peter Lane back from the dead. Not only does he spin her hormones into a frenzy, Peter is also the precarious puzzle piece that brings sense into her world. When Niles learns that he can overcome his life-long challenge by helping Peter avenge his death, how far will he go to secure Rosalyn’s heart?

Kelly Cozzone, Tropical Dreams
Tropical Dreams is a tale of love, murder and conspiracy. Can Tiana Alexander overcome her past to learn to love again? Can David Murphy let go of the demons who haunt him. Can they face the future together or will life finally take its toll and their lives?

Linda Lee Williams, Sisters of the Night
Can there be a happily ever after for Emaline Hoffbrau, Juliana Slater and Gretchen Eberhardt, three modern-day vampire women?

Cherime MacFarlane, Heart of the Hunter
Leda is a teacher just out of school, who has not had time for love. Jay takes her by surprise, a soft spoken slightly broken man who lives with only his dog, for company. Leda sees something in Jay she needs to pursue. She should stay away from Jay. But can she? Who is the hunter and who is the hunted?

Sammie J, Piece of Heaven
Aaron Calnan has seen enough of the horrors of war. Now, Aaron finds himself immersed in a world where humans work within the realms of the paranormal, where Werewolves and Vampires become friends and Fae like to kick your ass. One encounter changes everything and Aaron finds his life turned upside down. Will he finally find his own piece of heaven?

Buy the Book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble

About the Anthology

Project Managed by eBook Builders, as a benefit for the United States War Veteran’s PTSD Foundation.


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Vanna Smythe is Visiting! [Book Blast]

The Grower’s Gift

“The Grower’s Gift” by Vanna Smythe (Progeny of Time #1)

Published on… 15 May 2014
Published as… Young Adult Dystopian

Vanna Smythe’s Quote Art

Vanna Smythe Quote Art

Vanna Smythe’s Excerpt

Maya huddled into a nook in the fork of an old oak tree that must have seen hundreds of years of spring and summer, winter and fall. The bark now peeled off the majestic trunk behind her and she felt no life inside it. The tree didn’t have many more years ahead of it.

Below her a stream, swelled by the torrential rains that fell for the last three days and washed away the last of their grain, frothed and raged. Already it had formed a river with no bank. The current brought a piece of roof here, a chest there, a chair, a table, sometimes a doll. Only yesterday the current brought a woman. Bloated, tinged purple, unrecognizable. She wasn’t from their town, so they let her float on by for some other town or village to worry about. Maya shuddered at the memory, tears welling in her eyes. She bit down hard on her bottom lip.

I’m too much of a crybaby. I can’t ever help anyone if all I do is cry.

In the distance, along the horizon, the afternoon sun was setting dusty orange, and cold white stars already twinkled in the sky. Frost would come this night.
Some spring we’re having.

Maya had known it wasn’t the real Spring when the temperatures rose so soon after New Year’s. She should have tried harder to warn the people of her town not to plant yet. Not that they ever listened to her. Winter snows had started back in September, and everyone was eager to begin planting. The Spring of 2102 brought only false hope. A fine start to the new year that was. Nearly everyone lost their crops in the floods that followed the brief spring. Many had feared the end of the world. Yet if the world was ending, it had started years ago. Earth had been dying a slow death for decades now, as had the people who still survived in the Badlands.

Frosts would last for months, the thick snow clouds obscuring the sun. And people froze or died of heat and dehydration when the sun beat down mercilessly, drying everything in its path, the soil, the plants, animals and people. There was no more telling when either would come, or if the next flood would take your home in its frothing passage.

There was only today in the Badlands and what you made of it. And you were either happy to be alive, or not. Too many weren’t.

About the Book

The future is bleak in the year 2102. The planet is in chaos and the weather patterns have completely shifted, turning most of the world into an uninhabited wasteland.

The rich and powerful of North America have pulled back into the six remaining megacities, erasing all trace of a central government and leaving millions displaced by the environmental crisis to fend for themselves in the dying world. Sixteen-year-old Maya has a gift, a power she thinks can heal the earth and make it habitable again. A gift that she must learn to harness. The school for the gifted in Neo York is the only place where she can learn to control her power and reach her potential.

Yet the school is not what it seems. Ran by the ruthless head of the city of Neo York, the school’s only objective is to extract the powers of the gifted and then discard them. Only Ty, heir to the city, can keep Maya from being destroyed there.

But Ty has a secret and his loyalty to his family has never wavered. Will his growing love for Maya be strong enough to save them both?

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

Nicolette Andrews Author Photo
Vanna Smythe is the author of the Anniversary of the Veil fantasy trilogy and The Grower’s Gift, the first book in a new YA dystopian series. She has been writing creatively since her early teens, though one could say her creative writing efforts started long before that. While still in kindergarten, she once tore up a library book to make alphabet soup, and has been fascinated with what words can do, the pictures and worlds they can create, ever since.

The Progeny of Time YA Dystopian series was inspired by the bleak future presented in The Hunger Games, the fight between good and evil played out in Harry Potter, and the TV show Heroes, but with a totally unique story and twist. The story is equally fun for teens as well as adults. The second book in the series will be released in Summer 2014.

~* Website * Twitter * Facebook * Goodreads * Newsletter *~

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Renee Novelle is Visiting! [Book Blast]

Paradise Coast

“Paradise Coast” by Renee Novelle

Published on… 30 April 2014
Published as… Contemporary Women’s Fiction

About the Book

Welcome to Naples, Florida! Where the beaches are perfect and every day is a vacation. But in this small town paradise that serves as a playground for the rich and elite, not everything is as beautiful as it first appears on the surface.

Offering an irreverent, and often sarcastic, glimpse into all the sexy scandals that go on behind closed doors, Paradise Coast, delves into the shadows of another way of life and proves that money doesn’t always buy happiness. Following five couples as they navigate their way through love, expectations and revenge, this story explores how different personalities react when faced with unsavory realizations about their current states of affairs.

Authors Note: This is not a romance. There are no alpha heroes who swoop in to save the day, or brooding bad boys who are easily converted into marriage material. If that’s what you’re searching for, then keep looking. Inside these pages is an unparalleled drama with many happy endings, but not so many happily-ever-afters. At least, not in the traditional sense… It’s a story about quick-witted women who find creative ways of empowering themselves and rising above their conflicting situations.

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About the Author

Renee Novelle Author Photo
Formerly a freelance journalist, Novelle has found placement of her pieces in both online and print publications since 2008. Additionally, she has written multiple screenplays, and contributed her writing to many non-profit and for profit organizations. She has launched several blogs over the years, which garnered international attention.

In 2013, Novelle returned to her first love – fiction. Writing under the names Renee Novelle and R.S. Novelle, she has a publication schedule that includes Psychological Thrillers, Suspense, Paranormal Fiction, Contemporary Women’s fiction, Chick Lit, and New Adult.

Though she received her Bachelor’s of Science in Communication, summa cum laude, she considers herself a constant student of the written word. She’s an avid reader, an enthusiastic quote poster, and rarely takes “no” as a final answer. She has an unhealthy obsession for theater, dance, music and art, and strongly believes that wine is simultaneously the beginning of, and resolution to, all of life’s problems. She believes in following dreams, and that in the end, you always end up where you’re meant to be.

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