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Sophie Park is Visiting!

The Demon’s Game

“The Demon’s Game” by Sophie Park

Published on… 28 June 2014
Published as… Fantasy

A Chat with Sandra

Bella: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
Sandra: The Demon’s Game is a story following myself, my friend Mira and a group of mercenaries as we travel to the top of the world to recover a dangerous artifact. Lillith brought us together, having recently discovered the location of the artifact and needing some help getting it. She’s a mage and somewhat outrageous but I think it’s all an act. Not the magic of course, but the brave front she shows to the world. I think she’s really as scared as the rest of us and twice as scared to admit it.
None of us know that one of our group members is playing her for a fool, using us to gain access to the artifact with the intention of killing us all after.

Bella: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
Sandra: I’m a royal guard.
Well, I was a royal guard. Now I’m just a hermit, living in the frozen northern reaches with Mira, thriving off the land and trying to forget about anything to do with adventure or danger. I’m being chased by ghosts, you see? I’ve killed evil men but in my weaker moments or when I’m in a crowd, I can see them and it doesn’t matter what terrible things they did in life. They’re still there.
Watching me.
Judging me.
When I listen to them, they tell me about their friends. Their families. Their hopes and dreams. Who was I to cut all that short?

Bella: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
Sandra: She has an unhealthy obsession with my moments of weakness. There are dark places in me that I don’t even like to go and she lays them bare for all to see! It’s embarrassing and maybe a little cathartic if I’m telling the truth. Mira looks up to me in an unhealthy way, and Lillith’s crew only sees my skills with the sword. They can’t know the real me because they can’t imagine that there’s another side, you know?
Sophie sees it. She sees it all. There are things I thought I could hide from myself, but I can’t hide them from her. It’s… freeing, I suppose? All the bravado and the false impressions and in the end I know that there is at least one person who understands me.

Bella: How do you feel about the story you’re in?
Sandra: We’re saving the world! It’s difficult and sometimes boring and exciting and everything that you might want adventure to be, all rolled together until you don’t know what will be happening that day but it definitely is different than the day before. Frankly, I didn’t even want to go at first. Mira and I still have most of the gold we took from the dragon and our cabin is about as far away from civilization as we can get… I thought I liked it, right?
I thought it was everything that I needed. I thought it was helping drive away the ghosts for good.
I was wrong.
The building, the isolation, even the money. None of it mattered.

Bella: Do you like being a character in the book?
Sandra: Well, let’s see: I get humiliated, melted, stabbed, hugged, bludgeoned, swarmed by undead, and lacerated from the inside out. What do you think?

Bella: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.
Sandra: A beach. Seriously, when this is all over I’m going to make Lillith show me where she’s from. Have you seen her outfit? It’s the middle of winter and she traipses around with almost nothing on!
She says it’s cultural, and her magic protects her from the cold, but I’m not so sure. There can’t really be a place where it’s that warm all the time.

Bella: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
Sandra: I don’t think she’s ever going leave me be. Steel runs through my blood, and I still need to find out what those hallucinations are about. Margo thinks that they’re visions but she’s a cleric so I’m pretty sure she thinks that everything’s a vision.
Besides: I really need to know how it works out with Mira and Margo! After everything we’ve been through she deserves a little happiness.

Bella: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
Sandra: Lillith mentioned one night that very powerful mages can go back and forward through time. Can you imagine it? She’s always setting things on fire with just the power of her mind so I’m inclined to believe her. My point is: late 70’s Sigourney Weaver, most definitely.
She kicks ass, she’s snarky but she’s not invincible. No one is, really. You’re always one breath away from doom, one mistake away from death.

About the Book

In this sequel to the Top Selling fantasy novel The Dragon’s Prize, Sophie Park blends dungeon-crawling fantasy action, romance and a bit of spice into an intriguing mixture sure to satisfy your palette!

After slaying the dragon Daro and fleeing their homeland, Sandra and Mira have been living a life of quiet solitude in the Wild North. With no one around for miles and nothing to focus on but survival, Sandra has finally quieted the ghosts of Velmar and her guilty conscience.

Everything starts to unravel when Lillith walks into their life: Mira, itching for adventure and any human company besides Sandra, sets off with his band of mercenaries on a quest to quite possibly save the very world while Sandra tries to focus on keeping the shreds of her sanity intact.

On the way Mira finds herself falling for Margo, the group’s cleric with an alien philosophy and a reputation for breaking hearts, and Sandra realizes that it may not have been the new lifestyle keeping her sane.

While relationships are tested and dangerous monsters challenge everyone’s skills, will they all lose The Demon’s Game before they even know they’re playing?

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

Sophie lives and works in the Pacific Northwest with her supportive family.

In the dribs and drabs of her spare time she juggles a number of activities including reading, writing, video gaming and tabletop roleplaying. She DM’s a regular Monday session of Pathfinder for friends, and occasionally play GURPS and D&D 4th Edition on the weekends.

Her literary influences range from pop culture like TV, video games, anime and movies to the old Forgotten Realms series of books and of course the images whirling around inside her head. While writing she often listens to dubstep and other electronic music, but because of the kids she also knows all the words to the Hot Dog Dance.

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David Jay Collins is Visiting! [Tour Stop]


“Gaybash” by David Jay Collins

Published on… 28 May 2014
Published as… LGBT Fiction

David Jay Collins’ Interview

1. One Random Fact: I live in the building where Gaybash takes place. Matt, the main character, lives in my apartment.

2. Fictional Character You’d Really Like to Be: There are so many wonderful characters out there but if I were to become one, I’d want an entirely new form. So that leaves out all the humans. I’d choose to be Tock, the watch-dog from The Phantom Tollbooth, one of my favorite books. He’s witty and wise and can always tell you what time it is.

3. Your Authorial Theme Song: “Gonna Fly Now” from Rocky. That theme song is all about fighting hard to achieve your dreams. Any time I feel down on myself I crank up that song and feel inspired again.

4. Favorite Part of Being a Writer: I’m not a bold person, nor do I want to be the center of attention, but I can create a character who is all of those things. Writing is a wonderful way to recast yourself as someone else. There is a part of me in each character in Gaybash, though I identify most closely with the main character, Matt. The story takes place in Lakeview, a neighborhood on the North Side of Chicago, and it was great fun to embellish the physical environment that all the characters inhabit.

5. Name of Your First Pet (Can include family or significant others…): My first pet was a dog named Tippy that we brought home from an animal shelter when I was very young. She was a wonderful, energetic collie mix and a very special part of our family for many years. I miss her.

6. Music, Television or Silence While Writing: Either music or silence, but usually music. I love disappearing into a story with my earbuds in and the volume up. Depending on the scene, I’ll listen to dance remixes, classical, rock, or even opera. Music triggers my creativity and I can’t imagine writing without it.

7. Early Riser or Night Owl: Early riser! I wake up with ideas. Even under deadlines, I’ll go to bed early knowing that waking up at 4 a.m. will be far more productive than staying up past 1 a.m.

8. Favorite Season: Autumn. I love everything about this season and it’s also when I feel the most creative and inspired. Most people love to be outside during summer, but I enjoy the outdoors most when it’s cooler and the leaves are changing. I become more introspective in the fall, which is great for writing.

9. Did You Always Want to be a Writer: Yes—from a very early age. In grade school I wrote and illustrated my own storybooks that I gave to my teachers to critique. They were very encouraging of course, and it’s one of the reasons that I named two doctors in Gaybash after my favorite 5th grade teachers: Mr. Vasen and Mr. Satterlee.

About the Book

Matt Tompkins, a reserved gay man, has always played by the rules and has created a comfortable but unfulfilling life for himself. When his bold best friend Greg reaps unexpected rewards for standing up for himself in a very public display, Matt’s jealousy leads him to risk everything when he’s confronted by two attackers. Determined to be more like Greg, a split-second reaction brings astonishing changes to Matt’s life–for better and for worse.

Set in Chicago’s Lakeview neighborhood, Gaybash explores the boundaries of love and friendship and the unintended consequences of wanting to be somebody else.

Buy the Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or iTunes

About the Author

David Jay Collins Author Photo
David Collins lives and works in Chicago. Gaybash is his first novel.

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