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RV Doon is Visiting! [Tour Stop]

The War Nurse

“The War Nurse” by RV Doon

Published on… 14 January 2014
Published as… Historical Fiction

About the Book

This historical thriller begins on the eve of WWII in the Philippines. Katarina Stahl an American Red Cross nurse, is the happiest she’s ever been in her life. She’s making love and playing music with Jack Gallagher in an idyllic paradise. Their medical mission is over, the boat tickets to home are purchased, and all that remains is to fly a sick child to the hospital at Clark Air Field.

She never expected to witness bombs falling out of planes. In those terrifying first minutes, she frees a German doctor accused of spying and saves his life. She turns to nursing the injured, unaware she’s unleashed an obsession more dangerous to her and those she loves, than the war she’s trapped in.

Doctor von Wettin, the man she freed, finds Katarina pregnant and starving in a POW camp after the surrender. He begs her to nurse his bed-ridden wife. She knows other Americans will despise her, but wants her baby to live after surviving Bataan. Their uneasy alliance is destroyed when she discovers he exploited Red Cross diplomatic channels and contacts at the German embassy to wire money to her parents. His benevolent mask slips when he informs her that her brothers and parents are interned on Ellis Island.

When the Stahl family is swept up in the FBI’s dragnet, Josep Stahl believes it’s all a misunderstanding. He’s interrogated like a criminal at the city jail, a military camp, Ellis Island, and then the civilian internment camps in Texas. His anger and pride blind him. One by one in this painful family drama, his wife and sons join him behind barbed wire in. There they face ostracism, segregation, and, most frightening, repatriation.

Katarina begins an even more terrifying journey into depraved darkness as Manila descends into occupation and chaos. The doctor threatens everyone she loves: infant son, POW husband, and Filipino friends. She’ll do anything to protect them; she lies, steals, and smuggles. As the war turns against the Japanese, they withhold the doctor’s wife’s life-saving medications until he finds a hidden radio inside the civilian internment camp. If Katarina refuses to help him, her son pays the price.

Survival has corrupted Katarina; but she’s not about to become his camp rat. After years of hell, she’s earned her nickname, war nurse. Doctor von Wettin is about to find out what that means.

Buy the Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or IndieBound

About the Author

RV Doon's Author Photo
R.V. Doon is a bookie! Seriously, she’s an avid reader who also loves to write. She writes across genres, but confesses she’s partial to historical fiction and medical thrillers. She’s addicted to black coffee, milk chocolate, and raspberries. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s learning to sail. Doon reports after a career of implementing doctor’s orders, she’s having trouble being a deck hand and following the captain’s orders. Doon lives in Mobile, Alabama, a haunted and historical city, with her husband and two dogs.

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Review: “Baudelaire’s Revenge” by Bob Van Laerhoven

“Baudelaire’s Revenge” by Bob Van Laerhoven

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Barnes & Noble (Print) or IndieBound
Released on: 15 April 2014
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review, as part of the book’s blog tour.

Description: It is 1870, and Paris is in turmoil.

As the social and political turbulence of the Franco-Prussian War roils the city, workers starve to death while aristocrats seek refuge in orgies and seances. The Parisians are trapped like rats in their beautiful city but a series of gruesome murders captures their fascination and distracts them from the realities of war. The killer leaves lines from the recently deceased Charles Baudelaire’s controversial anthology Les Fleurs du Mal on each corpse, written in the poet’s exact handwriting. Commissioner Lefevre, a lover of poetry and a veteran of the Algerian war, is on the case, and his investigation is a thrilling, intoxicating journey into the sinister side of human nature, bringing to mind the brooding and tense atmosphere of Patrick Susskind’s Perfume. Did Baudelaire rise from the grave? Did he truly die in the first place? The plot dramatically appears to extend as far as the court of the Emperor Napoleon III.

A vivid, intelligent, and intense historical crime novel that offers up some shocking revelations about sexual mores in 19th century France, this superb mystery illuminates the shadow life of one of the greatest names in poetry.

Review: This was an interesting book.

It was very atmospheric, and the author–particularly early on when introducing characters–had a very lyrical way with the descriptions. Little things that painted a vivid image without overdoing it, and I liked that a lot. The setting was also painted this way, the backdrop of Paris during the Franco-Prussian war and events of Paris that followed. Since this is not a historical time/place that’s my area of expertise, I can make no claims on its accuracy but it painted quite a picture. (The same with Baudelaire. Another area not my expertise, but a well painted picture.)

The primary characters are remarkably flawed, but intriguing. Through them and salient points of their history, the story is carried along at a wonderful pace. It steadily builds in mystery and tension, and some humor, and carried me with its intrigue.

Then…something happened towards the end. Roughly three quarters of the way in, as we are moving towards the climax of the story. It felt like the story got…lazy. For several chapters, the intricate mysteries being woven were partially revealed through long monologues by characters, which wasn’t as gripping as learning it through events, and then some scenes that should have given us satisfaction in being seen (Shown) were given to us in small bits of Tell and retrospect. I was a little disappointed in some of the revealed motivations, but maybe I would have been less so if this section hadn’t irked me in its execution.

Bearing in mind that everything leading up to it had been much more written out, drawn out. So this, to me, was a discomfiting change.

For the very ending, the last two or three chapters, it did improve again. Some interesting twists that you may or may not see coming, and an ambiguous ending which suited the tone of the book, but that one section of dissatisfaction could not be entirely gotten past for me and has given this book a lower rating than I would have otherwise.

Still, it was intriguing and the author wove a good tale, and had an engaging way with words, so I cannot say I disliked it.

(I will note that this is definitely an adult book, as many themes, conditions and acts related to violence or sex (mostly sex) were discussed or written out. The author had an almost clinical way with those scenes, however, that I think added well to the atmosphere.)

So, over all, I’m going to say 3 Fireballs. It had a lot going for it, but that one section–when the book should have been at its best and, for me, fell short–just kind of left a lingering dissatisfaction. A different reader may feel differently, however, and all the good points will do more for them.

3 Fireballs


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Kyra Gregory is Visiting! [Tour Stop]

Grieving Liberty

“Grieving Liberty” by Kyra Gregory

Published on… 3 October 2014
Published as… Historical Fiction

A Chat with Sebastian

Bella: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
Sebastian: The name of the book is Grieving Liberty and, frankly, feels like just that when you are a part of it. You get the sense that nobody is safe.

Bella: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
Sebastian: I always thought of myself as very insignificant as a human being and my significance within this story is one that I really wish I didn’t have. I have responsibilities as an heir that I have never wanted. What should one know about me? Please do not judge my decisions as poor until you have understood my feelings.

Bella: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
Sebastian: I would say ‘you don’t want to be on her bad side’ but even if you weren’t that wouldn’t say much of your fate. I don’t think she tries to be cruel, but…

Bella: How do you feel about the story you’re in?
Sebastian: Everyone wants to be remarkable, don’t they? But if you’re remarkable for all the wrong sorts of reasons, isn’t that a little disheartening?

Bella: Do you like being a character in the book?
Sebastian: I’m necessary to the book. The book isn’t necessary to me.

Bella: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.
Sebastian: Again, it is about remarkability. I don’t want to be remarkable enough to be written about any longer. I want to live the rest of my life out in peace.

Bella: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
Sebastian: Goodness, I hope not. No, I do not think she has any intention of approaching our lives again. She’s gone and found herself some other poor souls to play with for a little while, I believe in the Middle Ages somewhere.

Bella: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
Sebastian: Oliver Jackson-Cohen is the general opinion I’ve received.

About the Book

Sebastian and Serena have lived privileged lives, their every desire tended to, with their status as the children of the country’s ruler. However, the walls that contain them are not solely those of the palace, but of expectations and politics that come with their positions.

The country’s solidifying alliance with Rome upon the return of a childhood acquaintance brings about changes that they never wished to see, causing devastation and despair to touch their lives and loved ones far too closely for them to sit back and do nothing any longer. They become determined to take action, even if it means that their country may not survive. Even if it means that their history would fade into nothingness, at least they would have lived freely.

Buy the Book at Amazon (US), Amazon (UK), Barnes & Noble, iBooks or Kobo

About the Author

Kyra Gregory Author Photo
Kyra Gregory is a young author from the island of Malta, a place made larger by her love for books. Through balancing a hectic schedule of duties, she is always trying to find her place in the world through the stories she tells. Beginning at a very young age, she wrote simply to save herself through the worlds in short stories, fanfiction and lyrics. Now, taking the plunge and creeping out of her shell, she chooses to share her stories in hopes they may save more than just herself.

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Louise Turner is Visiting! [Tour Stop]

Fire & Sword

“Fire & Sword” by Louise Turner

Published on… 19 September 2013
Published as… Historical Fiction

A Chat with… John Sempill of Ellestoun

Bella: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
John Sempill of Ellestoun: The tale is called ‘Fire and Sword,’ and it was named after the letters of fire and sword issued to me by King James IV of Scots in the summer of 1489. It tells of the violence and unrest that shook Scotland following the death of King James III in battle. The circumstances surrounding the old king’s death were uncertain – I’ve heard it said that he was murdered – and the time which followed proved very difficult for those men who fought in his name and remained loyal to his memory.

Bella: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
John Sempill of Ellestoun: My father, Sir Thomas Sempill of Ellestoun, died defending the king on that fateful night, and my uncle – who was one of the king’s most trusted advisers – fled to England. He was later charged with treason in absentia. I escaped with my life, an untried youth ill-prepared for the trials that followed. I had always assumed that I would inherit my father’s lands and titles and become an officer of the king’s law and a baron. It had been my dream, too, to win renown in the king’s service, and –I hoped – to earn a knighthood. But my father’s premature death left me without allies, and with an aging widowed mother and an unmarried sister to support besides. All the while the wolves were gathering, biding their time and seeking the right moment to strike against me. The story follows my struggle to survive and prosper in a world which had suddenly become a very dangerous and threatening place.

Bella: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
John Sempill of Ellestoun: Well (hesitates)… I confess that I’m vexed, because this tale is scribed by a woman, and for a woman to presume to see through the eyes of a man is, of course, unheard of. I’m not even sure why she should want to… I suspect, too, that her commitment to God and Holy Church is not what it should be in this day and age – in fact, I suspect she may be something of a pagan… Where we do find common ground is in our devotion to the Muses and to our shared belief in the wisdom of the ancients. Though I do wish she’d make an effort to learn Latin…

Bella: How do you feel about the story you’re in?
John Sempill of Ellestoun: As a child, I was weaned on the epic tales of history, the deeds of men like King Arthur and the Wallace. To be immortalised in this way is a great honour – in truth, I’m unsure why my life should be celebrated when there are others, such as the king himself, who are more valiant and more mighty. Though the writer is quick to remind me that sometimes it takes more courage to turn one’s back on a feud and to pursue a course of peace, particularly when a man finds himself surrounded by those determined to wage war…

Bella: Do you like being a character in the book?
John Sempill of Ellestoun: I’m flattered, certainly, that someone thinks it appropriate to remember my achievements, but… The church is always quick to remind us that to revel in one’s immortality is vanity, and vanity is a sin like any other.

Bella: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.
John Sempill of Ellestoun: I hope and pray for all those things held dear by civilized men. I wish to live a good life, to uphold the king’s law and to help maintain peace and prosperity in my beloved country. I hope, too, that I will live to take my place as head of a loyal, loving family and that through my life I can build the fortunes of my household so that when I die, I leave a secure legacy behind me.

Bella: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
John Sempill of Ellestoun: Yes indeed – I’m told that the intrigues and plots which unfolded during the reign of King James IV were so complicated and engaging that one book alone is not enough to do them justice. In the tale which follows ‘Fire & Sword,’ I am but a supporting player – my associate Hugh, 2nd Lord Montgomerie steps to the fore instead – though for the third installment in the series, I will be resuming the central role.

Bella: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
John Sempill of Ellestoun: Ah, I’m not best qualified to consider such matters – why, the whole idea seems fanciful! I have, however, been instructed to report that I’m ‘a dead ringer for the young Marcus Gilbert,’ whatever that may mean – I’ve already made my thoughts clear regarding vanity, but I must confess the secret hope that he’s fair to look upon…

About the Book

On the 11th June in 1488, two armies meet in battle at Sauchieburn, near Stirling. One fights for King James the Third of Scotland, the other is loyal to his eldest son, Prince James, Duke of Rothesay.

Soon, James the Third is dead, murdered as he flees the field. His army is routed. Among the dead is Sir Thomas Sempill of Ellestoun, Sheriff of Renfrew, whose son and heir, John, escapes with his life.

Once John’s career as knight and courtier seemed assured. But with the death of his king, his situation is fragile. He’s the only surviving son of the Sempill line and he’s unmarried. If he hopes to survive, John must try and win favour with the new king.

And deal with the ruthless and powerful Lord Montgomerie…

Buy the Book at Amazon US, Amazon US (Print), Amazon UK or Amazon UK (Print)

About the Author

Louise Turner Author Photo
Born in Glasgow, Louise Turner spent her early years in the west of Scotland where she attended the University of Glasgow. After graduating with an MA in Archaeology, she went on to complete a PhD on the Bronze Age metalwork hoards of Essex and Kent. She has since enjoyed a varied career in archaeology and cultural resource management. Writing has always been a major aspect of her life and in 1988, she won the Glasgow Herald/Albacon New Writing in SF competition with her short story Busman’s Holiday. Louise lives with her husband in west Renfrewshire.

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Daryl Hajek is Visiting!

Blood Blossom

“Blood Blossom” by Daryl Hajek

Published on… 9 July 2014
Published as… Family Drama

Daryl Hajek’s Excerpt

She sat in the driver’s seat of her shiny, candy-apple red, 2014 Mazda Miata convertible with the top down.

The car had been parked on the southbound shoulder of Colfax Avenue, north of Ventura Boulevard near the feet of the hills of Studio City. The Los Angeles River dribbled by a few yards to her right. Directly across the street from where she sat were several charming, two-level, storybook-style houses with large, ornate windows and a chimney on each rooftop. The Miata’s engine purred idly and all four orange-yellow hazard lights blinked.

The sun warmed the top of her head and highlighted her golden strands of blond hair, which had been cropped below her earlobes. Sporadic cars passed by her along the quiet, narrow, two-lane street. A crow cawed as it flew overhead.

She looked through a pair of binoculars at a large, white two-story house perched on the side of the hill above, south of Ventura Boulevard. The house looked north with a 180° panoramic view of the San Fernando Valley. She surmised it must have an expansive view. Her intense, steely blue eyes focused their dire attention on only the white house. She pointedly disregarded the rolling, sloping, grassy terrain around it. Instead, she noticed the trees, the brush and shrubs, and the well-maintained grounds laid out with colorful flower gardens around the perimeter of the estate.

She drove up the hill to a higher elevation where could see the entire property below. More flowers graced the back of the house near a swimming pool and around a gazebo beyond the pool. Two marble statues of a Greco-Roman man and woman in differing poses flanked either side of the veranda, and a few small porcelain knick-knacks were strewn in between. A large outdoor water fountain stood in the middle of the semi-circular drive at the front of the house, and some terracotta pottery with five-foot-tall topiaries sat on either side of the front door.

“So, that’s her story,” she said to herself. Her lips formed a frightful sneer. She adjusted her position in the driver’s seat to make herself more comfortable. “Ain’t that nice? Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we?”

A light breeze wafted by and tousled several strands of her hair. A small brown bird chirped from a nearby tree, then flew away.

She wondered about the wretched wench who’d lived in that beautiful home on the side of the hill all those years.

Twenty-two years of my sorry-assed life, she thought. Just ticks me off. Really makes my blood boil. Tears welled in her eyes. Now, don’t start feeling sorry for yourself again, damn it! She continued to stare at the house. Just watch. Everything’ll change. From now on, it’s my story.

She sat for a few more moments, her eyes locked at the view of the house as she ardently scrutinized it. She abruptly hurled the binoculars into the passenger’s seat with a huff. They bounced off the seat, bumped against the closed door of the glove compartment, then fell to the charcoal-gray carpeted floor with a soft thump.

She put the convertible in gear, slammed her foot on the pedal, and tore away from the curb.

About the Book

After having been separated for twenty-two years, Vivian wants to reestablish ties with her younger sister, Christine. Instead, she is met with hostility and resistance. Christine wants one thing and one thing only–revenge. Fueled by rage and having a sadistic sense of humor, Christine will stop at nothing to go after their mysterious mother, Rose. No one better stand in Christine’s way–or else!

They all become embroiled in a battle of wits to stay one step ahead of the other. Lives are further complicated in a whirlpool of diverse events as they occur at breakneck speed. Overwhelming crises develop, strengths and weaknesses are tested, truths overcome lies, and shocking secrets are revealed that could push some to the brink of insanity.

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

Daryl Hajek Author Photo
Daryl Hajek lives in Los Angeles, California. “Blood Blossom” is his first novel. He is currently at work on his next novel.

~* Facebook * Twitter * LinkedIn *~

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Review: “Misdirection” by Austin Williams [Tour Stop]

“Misdirection” (The Rusty Diamond Trilogy, Book One) by Austin Williams

Available from: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes or Kobo
Released on: 16 July 2014
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review, as part of the book’s blog tour.

Description: A street magician needs more than sleight-of-hand to survive getting embroiled in a murder case in this blistering novel of suspense, perfect for fans of Harlan Coben and George Pelecanos.

After years of chasing fame and hedonistic excess in the bright lights of Las Vegas, Rusty “The Raven” Diamond has returned home to Ocean City to piece his life back together. When he finds himself an innocent suspect in his landlord’s brutal murder, Rusty abandons all hope of maintaining a tranquil existence. Acting on impulse, he digs into the investigation just enough to anger both the police and a local drug cartel.

As the unsolved case grows more complex, claiming new victims and inciting widespread panic, Rusty feels galvanized by the adrenaline he’s been missing for too long. But his newfound excitement threatens to become an addiction, leading him headfirst into an underworld he’s been desperately trying to escape.

Austin Williams creates an unforgettable protagonist in Rusty, a flawed but relatable master of illusion in very real danger. As the suspense builds to an explosively orchestrated climax, Williams paints a riveting portrait of both a city—and a man—on the edge.

Review: Our author has written a very readable story. It’s well paced and flows right along, bringing you from scene to scene. Rusty is certainly a character with a good balance of both virtues and flaws, and that’s important to me. However, I’m not sure I ever really connected with him, which made it hard to feel like I was really into the story.

Perhaps it was the drug angle of the story just not hooking me. I didn’t dislike Rusty, or the story, just didn’t quite get pulled entirely into it.

Some of the scenes that weren’t from Rusty’s perspective felt like “filler” and the ex-girlfriend arc felt kind of pointless, but that part I imagine will be brought back in later books. This is subtitled as the first in a trilogy. So, I’m not holding that against it too much but I wish it had felt stronger in this one.

I did like the magician thing, because that was different from the usual. I always like that. Jim was cool, too. I did like him. So, this book had a lot going for it. I think it just wasn’t quite the style for me. 3.5 Fireballs.

3.5 Fireballs


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Julie Kenner & Dee Davis are Visiting!

Devil May Care Series

“Devil May Care Series” by Julie Kenner & Dee Davis

Published as… Paranormal Romance

About the Book

They were the baddest of the bad, the illegitimate sons and daughters of Satan, who had managed to make love, raise hell, and milk life in a manner worthy of their heritage. Until the day the devil himself needs to name his heir…

The mission? Each sibling must complete a task that is designed to stretch him or her to the limit. The prize? The Keys To Hell. The problem? Four mortals equally determined to ensure that the the Devil’s children fail…

Visit the Website

On Sale from October 1-7

Buy Raising Hell at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo or iBooks

Buy Hell Fire at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo or iBooks

Buy Sure Fire at Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon CA, Amazon AU or Barnes & Noble

Buy Hell’s Fury at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo or iBooks

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Lawrence Verigin is Visiting! [Tour Stop]

Dark Seed

“Dark Seed” by Lawrence Verigin

Published on… 1 December 2013
Published as… Thriller, Lab-Lit

Lawrence Verigin’s Boom Baby Blast

1. One Random Fact: GMOs have been banned or require labeling in over 60 countries. But not in the US and Canada.

2. Fictional Character You’d Really Like to Be: Indiana Jones – he is cool, resourceful, has a great sense of humor and is smart.

3. Your Authorial Theme Song: Unchained, by Van Halen. It’s motivating and makes me want to do something to change things. Second would be, The Cave, by Mumford and Sons. That song stirs me and gives me goose bumps every time I hear it.

4. Favorite Part of Being a Writer: I love to see a blank page fill up with words. Plus it’s fantastic to hold the finished product, the book, in my hands and remember all the hard work that went into creating it.

5. Name of Your First Pet (Can include family or significant others…): When I was 8 or 9 we got a cat named Desmond.

6. Music, Television or Silence While Writing: I usually write in silence, but if there is music or TV in the background I block it out.

7. Early Riser or Night Owl: Early riser – I get up at 5:30 every morning to write, because that’s when I am most creative. My brain is too tired in the evening to think.

8. Favorite Season: I can think of good things about every season, but September is my favorite month, so late summer/early fall. The weather is usually good, but there is a nip in the air, the leafs of the trees are turning beautiful colors and there are less people on the golf courses, so I can play faster. Also, in September it’s cool enough that you feel like drinking red wine again

9. Did You Always Want to be a Writer: No, it wasn’t until my early thirties that I put writing a novel on my bucket list. By my late thirties I actually started really writing and learning the craft. I’m 49 now and will write as long as I am able.

About the Book

A disillusioned journalist and the grieving daughter of a murdered scientist uncover an immoral and destructive global plot by the largest developer of genetically engineered seed and its parent pharmaceutical conglomerate.

Nick Barnes and Morgan Elles learn that the goal of the man behind these organizations is the complete control of human existence. He eliminates opposition and interference without hesitation or remorse.

The couple quickly find themselves fighting for their lives. And yours.

Grad hold for a wild ride with this exciting, high concept thriller that tackles one of the big issues of our time.

Buy the Book at Amazon

About the Author

Lawrence Verigin’s goal is to entertain readers while delving into socially relevant subjects that need more attention brought to them. Since 1999 Lawrence has spent a considerable amount of time and effort learning the writing craft.

In his spare time Lawrence enjoys cooking good food, rich red wine, travel, running, reading and numerous rounds of golf.

Lawrence and his wife, Diana, live in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada.

~* Website * Facebook * Twitter *~

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A Chat with Nyx, Goddess of the Night

Into the Arms of Morpheus

“Into the Arms of Morpheus” by Jessica Nicholls

Published on… July 24, 2014
Published as… Dark Fantasy

A Chat with Nyx, Goddess of the Night

Bella: What is the name of the book where we’ll find you? Can you tell us a little about it?
Nyx: You’ll find me in a book entitled Into the Arms of Morpheus. It’s what you would call a dark fantasy novel, though it’s rather urban as it is mainly set in the city of Manchester, in England. It really begins with a young lady named Sylvia, and her obsession with Morpheus, the God of Dreams.

Bella: Tell us a little about yourself. Where do you fit into the story? What should we know about you?
Nyx: I’m Nyx, the Goddess of Night. I own the night and every form of shade and shadow. It comes and goes at my will. I’m rather familiar with Morpheus. We both come to know Sylvia and want different things from her. I harbor my own secret passions. I sometimes call myself Nina, when I take mortal form.

Bella: What do you think of the author? Be honest. We won’t tell.
Nyx: I watch her looking up at me. She enjoys my beauty, even if she never holds up very well beneath me.

Bella: How do you feel about the story you’re in?
Nyx: Of course, I wish the title was different. But I like it.

Bella: Do you like being a character in the book?
Nyx: I am far more than a character in a book.

Bella: How do you see your future? Without giving anything away about the story, naturally.
Nyx: As far as the story is concerned I cannot say much. I see myself becoming better known and appreciated as an entity.

Bella: What do you know about your author’s plans? Can we expect to see you in any future stories?
Nyx: I know she is fond of me. I haven’t finished with her yet, so yes you will see me again.

Bella: Let’s say they make a movie about this book. Who do you want to play you, and why?
Nyx: This is very difficult. But, if I had to choose, I would say Keira Knightly. She comes across as capable.

About the Book

Sylvia has always harboured a solitary obsession with Morpheus, the Greek God of Dreams. She’s brought it with her from her adolescence in a village of Northern England where she grew up, to the university in Manchester where she now studies.

Nyx is the Goddess of Night, and has spent the centuries stewing in an ancient, unrequited love. Not easily pleased, her attention is drawn to a voice chanting its devotion and desire for her, and she seeks the source of it.

She is not the only god playing in the realms of men, however. When the God of Death and Morpheus himself become aware of this new devotee, the stage is set for the gods to secure their worship, or for a mortal to become one of them.

Buy the Book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords or CreateSpace

About the Author

Jessica Nicholls Author Photo
Jessica Nicholls is originally from Northern Illinois. She lived in the Northwest of England for just over ten years, where she studied and had her children. Currently, Jessica lives in the Middle East with her husband and two now school age (yay!) kids. Running, reading and watching films are her favourite hobbies. Writing the type of stories she would enjoy reading (anything dark and weird or romantic, or a combination of those) is a passion.

~* Website * Facebook * Twitter * Goodreads *~

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Review: “Incorporated Evil” by Peter Widdows

“Incorporated Evil” by Peter Widdows

Available from: Amazon
Released on: 16 July 2014
I received this book free in exchange for an honest review.

Description: What secrets lie behind the world’s largest company?

Charles Barker-Willet is the brilliant CEO of BW Corporation, but what is he hiding?

Sean McManus, a business journalist for a London newspaper, is impressed by the modesty of BW’s CEO. Especially as the results of the company are astounding. But why is he so media shy? What does he have to hide?

In his search for answers, Sean will encounter some of the vilest of human acts and also some of the bravest of human endeavour.

Incorporated Evil will take you on a roller coaster ride from the glittering hotels and restaurants of London’s West End, to the seedy streets of Bangkok and from the historic suburbs of Melbourne to the modern sky scrapers of Hong Kong. As Sean McManus tries to unravel the complicated web of deceit behind BW Corporation.

Review: By the end of this book, it kind of felt like the moral was Good Money versus Bad Money.

I say that because both our bad guys and good guys have plenty of money to work against the other. We see what Evil does with the money, and then what Good does with it to fight against it. But the balance of power is where the differences and the tension lies. Sort of like a money-fueled chess match.

This story starts out fast and does keep rolling right along. I found our main characters, Sean and Liz, a little flat at the start. Kind of like static characters created from a template and inserted into a story, yet as the story moves along, they both grow into three dimensions, likable and relatable. (Although I’ll admit that Clive and his boys were probably my favorites, and Praew was great too.)

Sean and Liz fall in together a bit fast and I would have liked to have seen more of that before the he and she became a they, but their relationship shows through well the more the story goes. Like a separate character that matures in dimensions as they do.

It was a very easy read, though sometimes the names and places could take some work to keep up with, and I do have an affinity for people trying to do Right, even if they’re a little naieve about it at times. I also appreciated how Widdows handled certain types of crimes, with the horror and disgust that is due to them. That always wins points with me.

This is the first book from the author, and I will admit that it does read that way in several places, but it’s still an engaging thriller of a read and I think the author shows a lot of promise for future stories. I’ll admit that I’ve wrestled with what to rate this, but I’m falling on the side of positivity because I did enjoy it and particularly for fans of corporate thrillers, I think this will be an good tale. 4 Fireballs.

4 Fireballs

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